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About Us

TuttiFrutta company, from owner Rui Duarte, was founded in 2011.

In a world more and more demanding and competitive, it's imperative to feel good with yourself and to not forget to invest in health.

From a innovative concept, we your wellfare and those that surround you were you spend more time duriung the day: the workplace.

As so, TuttiFruta pretends to remind you of the benefits of a piece of fruit delivering directly to your workplace and also at your home.


Make you feel good with what you eat and reminding to invest in your healt, eating fruits.


Enhance quality of life in house and workplace and reminding you the benefits of piece of fruit.


Inovation of service. Quality. Concern with the wellfare of costumers.


TuttiFrutta, Rua Rainha Santa, Canas, 3220-404 Semide, Portugal.

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M: (+351) 910 505 959

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+351 965 568584

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