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The history dates back to the year 1890, Justin Sampaio Alegre, founder of Monte Crasto Cellars, the first cellars in Portugal to produce natural sparkling wines by the traditional method of Champangne.

Industry Pioneer, obtained the highest distinctions in International Exhibitions presenting their products, including the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900, where they were awarded with Gold Medal, competing with the most famous cellars of France.

Was also responsable for introducing in Bairrada the best grape varieties of the region Champangne, including the Pinots, Chardonnay, and Gmay Breton.

In 1938, Augusto Brandão Alegre, continues the work of his father, beginning a period of intense development, increasing its production capacity and firming, the quality of its products, a prominent position in the national and international market.

In 1956 surrenders to his children (Manuel, Justino, Maria Joana e Augusto Maria) the management of Monte Crasto Cellars.

During the 70s, after the 1974 revolution, Manuel Pereira Alegre, received an inheritance from his father Quinta do Ortigão and started to invest himself in the production of wines and sparkling wines, which at the time were limited to their own consumption and the conviviality of family and friends.

After their father's death in 2000, the brother's João, Pedro e Clara, create Quinta do Ortigão, following the tradition and passion of wines and sparkling wines by the great grandfather of the region, under the management of Pedro Alegre.

In 2011, the winery and warehouse were rebuilt and extended in order to be able to respond to increased production capacity With 15 hectares of vineyard itself, where the traditional varieties are planted for sparkling and white wines and red wines, the result of the balance between heritage and knowledge to the new knowledge and experience of the current generation, and adapted to the changing trends the market. Currently, apart from Portugal (mainland and islands), Quinta do Ortigão has presence in foreign markets through various distributors.


To create wines for different moments of consumption.


Commitment of producing wines rigorously on winemaking areas and production.


Rigor. Tradition. Modernity.


Quinta do Ortigão, Quinta do Ortigão, Sociedade Agroturistica, Lda, Apartado 119, 3780-227 Anadia, Portugal.

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